This Weeks New Set: Kenzie Ford loves gum. She's always chewing and smacking on gum, so one day when we heard her stomach making hungry growls while she was smacking away, we knew we had to do a shoot. We've got lots of amzing POV angles of her bulging rolls and huge tits while she plays with her gum, chewing, popping and smacking loudly. Kenzie hadn't had anything to eat in a long time, and chewing all that gum was really getting her digestive juices flowing. We've got lots of video so you can see that gum getting a workout as she smacks it noisily, stretching, rolling and folding it between her lips and teeth with a strong, wet tongue. She folds it rapidly on her tongue, popping it over and over again. The more she plays with the gum, and stretches and works it in her mouth with her tongue, the louder the hungry growlings of her empty stpmach get. You can hear the air swirling around in there, and loud growls and groans. Her rapid chewing has really got the saliva flowing, and you can see her tongue scoop the gum from one side of her mouth to the other as she smacks wetly. Soon her stomach is roaring like a lion in anticipation of something to eat! An amazing update for the vore lovers, watching that poor gum get a workout between her tongue and teeth while listening to those epic hunger growls. 100 pics & 21 minutes of video

Past Updates: See what you've been missing!

7/28/14 Pagan Goddess was out at a buffet with her friends this week, and she felt like she must have gained 5 lbs. She was pleased with herself, but Chaos didn't seem too pleased. So Pagan told him she felt like she should gain more weight, while sitting her crushing weight right on his face. So she grabs a sandwich and some donuts, and sits right down to eat, ignoring his gasps for breath and struggles from under her 400 lbs. She even wiggles and bounces around so he can get a good look at her fat, smothering him beneath mountains of belly flab, and a massive, cellulite covered ass. You can hear his grunts of pain beneath her vast bulk as she moves around, and gasps for air as she gets up once in a while to let him breathe in the video that lets you witness his weighty punishment. Finally he comes around to her way of thinking, and decides to appreciate having such an abundant goddess. Great full weight facesitting & squashing set. 78 pics & 16.5 minute mini movie

7/21/14 Bettie Rocker has a huge craving for tacos, so we got her some just to see how many she could scarf down. You get to watch Bettie stuff tacos into her mouth greedily, all the while listening to the rumbles and growls of her hungry stomach. Plenty of POV shots of her massive belly hanging between her hefty thighs, and her soft rolls of fat jiggling and rippling as she moves about, stuffing her face with soft tacos. You should hear the epic growls her stomach begins to make as she gets full, rumbling and roaring in happy digestion. We've even got POV angles of her gigantic, hanging belly as she stands over the camera, letting you listen to those stuffed growls and rumbles. 69 pics & 12 minute mini movie

7/14/14 We've got a sexy new pear shaped model this week, Livy LaRue. Livy is dominant and used to being in charge, so when she finds out what a good girl Pagan Goddess has been lately, she decides to reward Pagan with a nice red ass. Pagan loves a good spanking, so this makes her a happy girl. First Livy uses her crop, spanking pagan on the tits and belly, then on the backs of her ample thighs before moving on to her big, fat jiggly ass. She uses her hand too, to warm that white ass really good with some hard, resounding smacks. Pagan enjoys a bit of pain, and dosen't even mind when Livy sits on her while delivering her reward. Pagan loves pleasing the mistress, and promises to be extra good if she can get an even harder spanking. 70 pics & 12 minute mini movie


7/7/14 Herman compliments Lydia Manahan's new lingerie in this week's new set, so she thinks he should get a good close look at it, especially how comfortable it is on her big fat ass. As Herman is slowly and tenderly smothered beneath Lydia's beefy cellulite covered thighs and fat ass, you can hear him struggling to breathe, and making little cries of pain as she shifts her massive weight around on him. Soon, Lydia decides to put old Herman to good use. She gets his face trapped right beneath her wet pussy, and begins to facehump him. Lydia certainly looks happy, as she grinds away on Herman's face, ignoring his muffled complaints and gasps for air. Turns out Herman is good for something after all. 69 pics & 15 minute mini movie

6/30/14 Lolla Blaze was a hungry girl this week, and couldn't resist seeing how many delicious shrimp eggrolls she could eat. We've got a great stuffing set for you with plenty of POV eating shots that really show off her recent gains. Her massive hips and thighs look incredible, and her belly and rolls are getting rounder and fuller. Just look at al the cellulite she's constantly adding to her body, and we're sure these deep fried eggrolls will help! As Lolla stuffs her face, and rubs her growing belly to make room for more, you can hear the excited growls and gurgles of her stomach as it works on this greasy feast. Drinking soda to wash down the eggrolls further excites her stomach and adds to the symphony of belly sounds emanating from her massive, bloated gut. Great stuffing set with a truly gigantic and beautiful girl. 87 pics & 13 min video

6/23/14 Curvy and plump Bobbi Bare is a hugry lil fatty this week. She hasn't had anything to eat yet, and is chewing some gum. When we heard the loud hunger growls coming from her stomach, we knew we had to do a set for vore and belly lovers. The gum is only making Bobbi's tummy growl louder, as the sweet juices make their way to her stomach. It's ready for something sweet, or at least some real food. We've got lots of great POV shots of Bobbi's soft, flabby belly and chubby rolls, can't you just imagine her standing over you, chomping away on her gum while you hear the loud growls coming from her stomach. The more she chews the louder the growls get, and there are some epic ones in these videos. We've got some good close ups of her belly and rolls, and also of the gum getting a workout between her teeth and tongue. She blows little bubbles, then brings them back into her mouth and pops them with her tounge, stretching the gum with her tongue and chewing busily to get her digestive juices flowing as you hear her stomach growl like a caged lion. Can you just imagine what it would be like to be eaten and digested by this hungry goddess? 100 pics & 24 mins of video

6/16/14 Snow is being lazy and won't get out of bed, so Devilyn St James decides to tickle her til she gets out of bed and gets moving. Devilyn uses her massive weight to hold down plump little Snow while she tickles her. Soon Snow is laughing and squirming uncontrollably as she struggles in vain to get away. The girls wrestle and roll about as Devilyn delights in tickle torturing her smaller roommate, pinning her to the bed and even smothering her beneath her fat belly when she struggles and kicks too much. Great tickling fun! 70 pics & 8.5 minute video

6/9/14 Charlotte Russell is trying to find something to wear for her date that makes her curves look good, and Sinnabum is telling her less is more! When she sounds doubtful, Sinnabum decides to show Charlotte just how sexy she looks. As she starts caressing Charlotte's fat, cellulite covered ass and jiggly thighs, the girls begin making out. Soon Charlotte forgets about going out, and climbs on the bed with Sinnabum, who begins stroking and licking her pussy. Soon Charlotte is gasping and bucking, her big tits and bulging rolls jiggling and undulating enticingly as Sinnabum eagerly licks and sucks her swollen clit. Sizzling girl/girl set with two fabulous ssbbws. 106 pics & two 10 minute mini movies

6/2/14 Busty, big bellied beauty Pagan Goddess uses the full force of her 370+ lbs to punish her unruly sub. He was out with another girl, and made the mistake of telling Pagan that her ass was bigger and better than Pagan's. Maybe he just needs a closer look! She crushes his face beneath her massive meaty ass, smothering him and cutting off his air. His cries of outrage are nothing but muffled whimpers from beneath all that ass. When he dosen't apologize, she decides to further humiliate him by smothering him in her mountians of belly flesh, and slapping her huge belly down on his face hard til he's gasping for air and begging her to stop. But she's not going to let him breathe until he's learned his lesson. Plenty of video with lots of great POV facesitting, smothering, and belly drops, so you can watch him be crushed and smothered into submission until he apologizes for his behavior. 76 pics & 16 mins of video

5/27/14 Pregnant Asha Cherry is having pizza cravings. So we decided to film her as she devored an entire pizza, and showed off her growing belly and huge, swollen tits. Asha's pregnant belly is getting really heavy and flabby. Just look at how low it hangs! This is one hungry girl, we recorded her stomach during her pizza feast, and got some epic growls! Starting off with some low rumbling gurgles, her stomach gets noisier the more food she stuffs in it. By the end of the video, it's growling and roaring like a lion while it works on all that pizza as she rubs her soft, jiggly rolls. Great eating and stomach fetish set! 77 pics & 7.5 min video

5/20/14 Welcome brand new model Ms Macabre to the site this week. This busty, big booty cutie just loves to show off her fat ass, So when Mr Sexy started admiring it, she decided to give him a closer look. He just loves being smothered in all that soft booty blubber, so you dont hear him complaining much. She smothers his face beneath her full weight, his face sinking into her flabby, cellulite covered ass cheeks. Since he seemed to be enjoying himself, she decides to squash him beneath her belly fat and huge tits as well. Great facehumping video as Ms Macabre grinds her full weight on his face, her massive ass cheeks swallowing his face and making him gasp for air. She really gets into it, gasping herself as she grinds her hips, ass and pussy on his face harder and harder as he grabs and smacks that big ass. 80 pics & 14 minute mini movie.

5/13/14 The weather's been great, and Bobbi Bare decides to have some fun with Abbie Amplebottom in the pool. After making out for a while, the girls start playing with each other's tits and soft, squishy fat rolls. This gets Abbie really turned on, so she starts fingering Bobbi's pussy, making her pant, gasp, and finally moan with pleasure. Once Abbie starts to lick her swollen clit, she finally gets off, and decides to return the favor. You get a front row seat to all the hot girl on girl action in a sizzling video with plenty of close ups and POV angles. We just love how Bobbi likes to play with the soft, jiggly rolls of fat on Abbie's huge thighs to turn her on before eating her pussy vigorously. 125 pics & 16.5 minute mini movie

5/5/14 Big booty bubblegum princess Cookie is back this week, and she's enjoying the nice weather in the pool while blowing some nice bubbles. This pear shaped princess stands over you in her bikini, knowing you lust for her big, bubble booty and cellulite covered thighs, wishing you could have a taste of her sweet candy as she chomps and smacks her gum vigorously. 17 minutes of video let you watch Cookie snap & pop her gum and blow some nice big jiucy bubbles. She sucks the gum back in loudly, slurping it off her lips with a dart of her tongue, chewings briskly. You can see her heavy thighs ripple and sway as she stands over you, stretching and pulling her gum, and blowing bubble after bubble, her soft belly and tits glistening in the sunshine. Great close ups of her bubbles and suckbacks, so you can watch her work that huge wad of gum with her lips and tongue, and amazing views of her jiggly, cellulite covered ass as she relaxes and blows bubble after bubble. Incredible POV footage, and plenty of close ups of her sexy, wet mouth as she sucks all the sweet sugary goodness out of the gum while working it busily between her tongue and teeth. 100 pics & 17 minute mini movie

4/29/14 Herman has been a lazy and insolent sub in this week's new set, and Leilo Blair is tired of his useless ways. So she carries him in and throws him on the couch, and proceeds to give him a workout beneath her nearly 400 lbs of punishing ass! She plops her full weight on his tiny body, and smothers his face between her massive ass cheeks and hefty thighs. She tries to lay back and relax, crushing Herman's small frame beneath her gigantic body, stifling his complaints with her huge, cellulite covered rear. But he squirms and struggles until she decides he needs to be punished soundly. When she grabs a big leather belt, he attempts to get away, but she plants her crushing weight firmly on his small body, and proceeds to spank him soundly. His spankings continue and get harder until he finally answers the mistress respectfully. Watch Herman learn his lesson in a great squashing, facesitting & spanking video with plenty of close ups, so you can see the breath smothered and smashed out of him by Leilo's bouncing and grinding. 88 pics & 10 minute mini movie


4/22/14 Busty beauty Pagan Goddess is hungry, and makes her debut stuffing her face with burritos & guacamole. You get amazing views of her massive, fleshy rolls and enormous tits as she chows down and relaxes on the couch. We've also miked her belly for all you belly fetish guys, and we captured some amazing hunger growls. It's almost like thunder rumbling through her massive belly as she begins eating, the growls are loud and deep. Once she begins filling her belly, you can hear her stomach churning away in happy digestion, making a variety of gurgles and rumbles. She even stands up as she finishes eating so we can get amazing close ups of her incredible belly and soft, jiggly rolls as you listen to her stomach gurgling and growling contentedly. The video contains some epic stomach growls and rumbles that will make stomach fetishists dreams cum true! 79 pics & 13 minute mini movie

4/15/14 Charlotte Russell scores a home run this week with a fabulous facesitting set. It seems ironman's conduct was unsportsmanly, so Charlotte decides to bench him, right beneath her 370 lbs of fat and flabby ass! Watch this sexy pear shaped beauty work him over good, smothering him beneath her huge thighs and massive ass. She plants her meaty ass right on his face, and crushes his head between those heavy thighs til he's gasping for air. But he still dosen't learn his lesson, so she decides to pound it into him with some crushing butt drops. Great POV video so you can watch his punishment up close, and hear his groans of pain and gasps for breath. When Charlotte tires of his groaning and complaining, she smothers him beneath her full weight, bouncing and grinding on him til his cries are barely audible as his head is swallowed up by her blubbery ass cheeks. Looks like this game is going into extra innings! 89 pics & 14 minute mini movie

4/8/14 Malice has a balloon bustin' party with Luscious Amazon, and we put you right in the middle of it. Lots of great shots of these two massive beauties having fun with balloons, popping them, crushing them with their enormous asses and between their gigantic bodies. The video is a must have for all the 'looners out there who love fatties... you get to see the girls enormous thighs rippling and jiggling as they run around, chasing balloons, trapping them beneath their sexy bellies and massive asses, popping them to smithereens with their crushing weight. Plenty of fat wiggling and jiggling everywhere as the camera follows them around for incredible close ups of balloons getting smashed between Luscious Amazon's huge thighs, and beneath Malice's cellulite covered ass, the girls even bounce on each other's laps, popping the balloons in between them. Talk about bouncing & jiggling! 80 pics & 9 minute video

4/1/14 Layla Moore has a 'hot' new chili pepper shaped glass dildo that she tries out for you this week. This set gives you great views of Layla's sweet pussy, fat ass and soft, flabby belly as she shows off in her new lingerie. Then she gets down to business. She knows all you horny boys love to watch her masturbate, and we've got some awesome POV shots in this set and video as she starts off standing over the camera, and then moves to the bed to get even better access. Mouth watering close ups of her stroking her pussy and clit with the long glass toy, gently at first, then harder and harder, forcing herself to multiple orgasms just for you! 67 pics & 9.5 minute video

3/24/14 Blake Monarch needs a comfy seat for doing her nails, so Squirmin' Herman just happens to get volunteered. As Blake settles down to painting her nails, she soon realized that Herman isn't so comfy. And he whines and complains a lot! See Herman crushed beneath nearly 400 lbs of ass fat as she wiggles, jiggles, bounces and grinds her huge ass around on top of his face, unmindful of his cries of pain and gasps for air. When he gets too annoying, she tries getting up to shift position, and plopping back down with a smashing butt drop or 2. As she paints her nails and smacks her gum, you can hear Herman whining and complaining, his struggles useless against her massive weight. This big sexy princess thinks Herman is a royal pain, and when she tires of his mouth, she smothers him beneath mountains of flab, even laying her full weight on top of him to try and flatten him out a bit! 85 pics & 14 minute mini movie

3/17/14 No wonder Abbie's bottom is so ample. This girl has an appetite. This week we filmed her eating an entire 12" pizza, and a few slices of another one. She made sure to wash all that pizza down with plenty of soda too. You get great POV views of her massive, flabby body and enormous belly as she hungrily stuffs her face with pizza, pausing only to lick the grease off her fingers. We've got some good shots of her playing with her massive, heavy belly and huge tits in this set, as well as a fantastic eating video, complete with the contented growlings and rumblings of her stomach! After she finished the pizza, she stands up so you can get some extreme close ups of her incredible rolls and huge belly as it rumbles, growls and groans in stuffed happiness. These arent the loudest growls in the world, but there's some good, deep sounds, and lots of them. Can you imagine being buried beneath Abbie's mountain of belly, listening to it churn and rumble in contented digestion as you are smothered beneath it's fleshy folds? 68 pics & 11 minute mini movie

3/10/14 We've got a treat for all you foot pervs this week. Asha Cherry is very pregnant, and carrying a lot of extra weight these days. That means even more torture for her favorite old flip flops! These poor old flip flops are almost worn through as her sweaty, calloused feet crush them with all that extra weight. They are ground and crushed mercilessly by her sweaty, smelly feet as she waddles about. We've captured some great photo and video of her cracked and calloused, dirty feet as she slips the worn sandals on and off her tired, aching feet. There's plenty of toe curling and wiggling, dipping, and shoeplay as her feet play with the now paper thin flip flops. Some great POV shots too that show what it would be like to be stepped on by this fatter Asha, her belly hanging low, and her ass jiggling with extra fat & cellulite. In fact, she's already sold her sweaty old flip flops to some lucky foot fucker, and even shows you the new pair that she's starting to wear in with her massive weight. Already her feet are starting to crush and flatten the rubber as her punishing poundage bears down on the poor shoes. 90 pics & 6 minutes of video


3/3/14 Bobbi Bare is a plumper with a big appetite, especially when it comes to fattening desserts! In this set you get to watch her scarf down a whole apple pie loaded with whipped cream. As she wolfs down huge bites, you get to hear her stomach go to work on all that sweet dessert. Bobbi was hungry, and the growls from her stomach are nothing short of epic as it works happily on all those calories. The growling and rumbling is alost non-stop! Plenty of POV shots too, so you can see where all those calories are going. You'll just love Bobbi's flabby belly and soft rolls. If she keeps eating like this, you can bet her thick thighs and bulging tummy will get bigger and heavier. She loves to eat on cam, and we bet her pudgy, rumbly tummy will steal the show for all you belly fetish guys. 89 pics & 15 minute mini movie.

2/25/14 Ironman is Lolla's new seat in this set, and she intends to break him in good so he's comfy under her gigantic ass. If you like butt drops, then you'll love this one. Lolla is the butt drop queen, and she slams her 400+ lbs down repeatedly on him with crushing force, causing him to grunt in pain. She wiggles and bounces around, but she's still not sure she comfy yet. As she tries different positions, poor ironman's face is crushed and ground beneath her massive ass cheeks. You can hear him groan and gasp for air as Lolla works him out beneath all that ass fat. She lays her full weight on him too, rocking and squirming her vast bulk around on top of him to squash out all the lumps. She even stifles his groans of pain beneath her gigantic thighs & belly. Plenty of video full of full weight drops, bounces, and wiggles as she gives her new 'furniture' a good breaking in! 80 pics & 12 minute mini movie