This Weeks New Set: Busty beauty Pagan Goddess is hungry, and makes her debut stuffing her face with burritos & guacamole. You get amazing views of her massive, fleshy rolls and enormous tits as she chows down and relaxes on the couch. We've also miked her belly for all you belly fetish guys, and we captured some amazing hunger growls. It's almost like thunder rumbling through her massive belly as she begins eating, the growls are loud and deep. Once she begins filling her belly, you can hear her stomach churning away in happy digestion, making a variety of gurgles and rumbles. She even stands up as she finishes eating so we can get amazing close ups of her incredible belly and soft, jiggly rolls as you listen to her stomach gurgling and growling contentedly. The video contains some epic stomach growls and rumbles that will make stomach fetishists dreams cum true! 79 pics & 13 minute mini movie

Past Updates: See what you've been missing!

4/15/14 Charlotte Russell scores a home run this week with a fabulous facesitting set. It seems ironman's conduct was unsportsmanly, so Charlotte decides to bench him, right beneath her 370 lbs of fat and flabby ass! Watch this sexy pear shaped beauty work him over good, smothering him beneath her huge thighs and massive ass. She plants her meaty ass right on his face, and crushes his head between those heavy thighs til he's gasping for air. But he still dosen't learn his lesson, so she decides to pound it into him with some crushing butt drops. Great POV video so you can watch his punishment up close, and hear his groans of pain and gasps for breath. When Charlotte tires of his groaning and complaining, she smothers him beneath her full weight, bouncing and grinding on him til his cries are barely audible as his head is swallowed up by her blubbery ass cheeks. Looks like this game is going into extra innings! 89 pics & 14 minute mini movie

4/8/14 Malice has a balloon bustin' party with Luscious Amazon, and we put you right in the middle of it. Lots of great shots of these two massive beauties having fun with balloons, popping them, crushing them with their enormous asses and between their gigantic bodies. The video is a must have for all the 'looners out there who love fatties... you get to see the girls enormous thighs rippling and jiggling as they run around, chasing balloons, trapping them beneath their sexy bellies and massive asses, popping them to smithereens with their crushing weight. Plenty of fat wiggling and jiggling everywhere as the camera follows them around for incredible close ups of balloons getting smashed between Luscious Amazon's huge thighs, and beneath Malice's cellulite covered ass, the girls even bounce on each other's laps, popping the balloons in between them. Talk about bouncing & jiggling! 80 pics & 9 minute video

4/1/14 Layla Moore has a 'hot' new chili pepper shaped glass dildo that she tries out for you this week. This set gives you great views of Layla's sweet pussy, fat ass and soft, flabby belly as she shows off in her new lingerie. Then she gets down to business. She knows all you horny boys love to watch her masturbate, and we've got some awesome POV shots in this set and video as she starts off standing over the camera, and then moves to the bed to get even better access. Mouth watering close ups of her stroking her pussy and clit with the long glass toy, gently at first, then harder and harder, forcing herself to multiple orgasms just for you! 67 pics & 9.5 minute video

3/24/14 Blake Monarch needs a comfy seat for doing her nails, so Squirmin' Herman just happens to get volunteered. As Blake settles down to painting her nails, she soon realized that Herman isn't so comfy. And he whines and complains a lot! See Herman crushed beneath nearly 400 lbs of ass fat as she wiggles, jiggles, bounces and grinds her huge ass around on top of his face, unmindful of his cries of pain and gasps for air. When he gets too annoying, she tries getting up to shift position, and plopping back down with a smashing butt drop or 2. As she paints her nails and smacks her gum, you can hear Herman whining and complaining, his struggles useless against her massive weight. This big sexy princess thinks Herman is a royal pain, and when she tires of his mouth, she smothers him beneath mountains of flab, even laying her full weight on top of him to try and flatten him out a bit! 85 pics & 14 minute mini movie

3/17/14 No wonder Abbie's bottom is so ample. This girl has an appetite. This week we filmed her eating an entire 12" pizza, and a few slices of another one. She made sure to wash all that pizza down with plenty of soda too. You get great POV views of her massive, flabby body and enormous belly as she hungrily stuffs her face with pizza, pausing only to lick the grease off her fingers. We've got some good shots of her playing with her massive, heavy belly and huge tits in this set, as well as a fantastic eating video, complete with the contented growlings and rumblings of her stomach! After she finished the pizza, she stands up so you can get some extreme close ups of her incredible rolls and huge belly as it rumbles, growls and groans in stuffed happiness. These arent the loudest growls in the world, but there's some good, deep sounds, and lots of them. Can you imagine being buried beneath Abbie's mountain of belly, listening to it churn and rumble in contented digestion as you are smothered beneath it's fleshy folds? 68 pics & 11 minute mini movie

3/10/14 We've got a treat for all you foot pervs this week. Asha Cherry is very pregnant, and carrying a lot of extra weight these days. That means even more torture for her favorite old flip flops! These poor old flip flops are almost worn through as her sweaty, calloused feet crush them with all that extra weight. They are ground and crushed mercilessly by her sweaty, smelly feet as she waddles about. We've captured some great photo and video of her cracked and calloused, dirty feet as she slips the worn sandals on and off her tired, aching feet. There's plenty of toe curling and wiggling, dipping, and shoeplay as her feet play with the now paper thin flip flops. Some great POV shots too that show what it would be like to be stepped on by this fatter Asha, her belly hanging low, and her ass jiggling with extra fat & cellulite. In fact, she's already sold her sweaty old flip flops to some lucky foot fucker, and even shows you the new pair that she's starting to wear in with her massive weight. Already her feet are starting to crush and flatten the rubber as her punishing poundage bears down on the poor shoes. 90 pics & 6 minutes of video


3/3/14 Bobbi Bare is a plumper with a big appetite, especially when it comes to fattening desserts! In this set you get to watch her scarf down a whole apple pie loaded with whipped cream. As she wolfs down huge bites, you get to hear her stomach go to work on all that sweet dessert. Bobbi was hungry, and the growls from her stomach are nothing short of epic as it works happily on all those calories. The growling and rumbling is alost non-stop! Plenty of POV shots too, so you can see where all those calories are going. You'll just love Bobbi's flabby belly and soft rolls. If she keeps eating like this, you can bet her thick thighs and bulging tummy will get bigger and heavier. She loves to eat on cam, and we bet her pudgy, rumbly tummy will steal the show for all you belly fetish guys. 89 pics & 15 minute mini movie.

2/25/14 Ironman is Lolla's new seat in this set, and she intends to break him in good so he's comfy under her gigantic ass. If you like butt drops, then you'll love this one. Lolla is the butt drop queen, and she slams her 400+ lbs down repeatedly on him with crushing force, causing him to grunt in pain. She wiggles and bounces around, but she's still not sure she comfy yet. As she tries different positions, poor ironman's face is crushed and ground beneath her massive ass cheeks. You can hear him groan and gasp for air as Lolla works him out beneath all that ass fat. She lays her full weight on him too, rocking and squirming her vast bulk around on top of him to squash out all the lumps. She even stifles his groans of pain beneath her gigantic thighs & belly. Plenty of video full of full weight drops, bounces, and wiggles as she gives her new 'furniture' a good breaking in! 80 pics & 12 minute mini movie

2/18/14 Abbie Amplebottom has some hot fun with plumper Bobbi in this week's update. She just loves Bobbi's ass in this cute little thong, and things start out with her fondling that cute little ass and plump, sexy belly. Bobbi loves making out with Abbie, and starts licking and sucking her massive tits. She soon moves to Abbie's eager wet pussy, finger fucking her til she calls her name and gasps with pleasure. But Abbie Wants to please Bobbi too, and ends up licking her ass and juicy pussy while the smaller girl rides her face. Plenty of video too, so you can have a front row seat as the girls get ecah other off. 100 pics & 19 mins of video

2/11/14 We've got a sexy new model this week for you as a valentine's treat. Kenzie Ford comes to SSBBWs Gone Wild, and she's stuffing herself on valentine's treats. She just loves ripe juicy strawberries & whipped cream, and has gotten several boxes of donuts from an admirer. You get to see her slurp up these delicious, high calorie snacks in this hot set, as she licks up the whipped cream greedily, and stuffs donut after donut in her sexy little mouth. She even licks some whipped cream off her nipples with a long, sexy tongue while you watch. We've recorded the loud, contented growlings of her stomach as it works on her fattening treats. There's some epic growls in this hot eating vid as her sexy belly growls and rumbles in happy digestion. 95 pics & 13.5 min mini movie

2/4/14 Devilyn St James is a happy, pretty princess who just wants to be comfortable and relax, but Terrance is in the way. That's ok, she decides it's all about her anyway, so she just ignores him and sits right on down, plopping her 400+ lbs right on top of him and crushing the breath from his body. When his squirming becomes annoying, she decides to amuse herself by dropping her massive belly apron on his face to tenderize him a little, and smothers his face beneath her gigantic mounds of belly to silence his gasping for air. She still finds him a bit lumpy, so she tries out several positions, plopping down and bouncing her crushing weight around on his face & chest, his face buried under her huge, jiggly ass til he can't breathe. That's so like a sub, always wanting all those annoying little things like air! Great full weight facesitting & squashing video so you can watch Terrance being smothered helplessly under Devilyn's 74" ass! 79 pics & 8 min video

1/27/14 In this week's set, Bettie Rocker meets Devilyn St James. Devilyn has been hearing some things about this massive 450 lb bottom heavy beauty, and wants to check them out for herself. The girls compare bellies and butts, play with each other's soft rolls of fat and massive tits, and devilyn is amazed at just how big and squishy Bettie's huge belly is. This set has some great POV shots of the girls as they compare their gigantic figures, their vast bulk looming over the camera and giving you some exciting close ups. But Devilyn isn't satisfied with just a little fat play. She's heard that this submissive girl has a defiant streak. Devilyn decides a good spanking is in order, and she shows you just how much a giant ass like Bettie's jiggles and bounces when spanked soundly! Looks rather like Bettie likes a good spanking and hair pulling if you ask us! 72 pics & 9.5 min video

1/20/14 Preggo fatty Asha Cherry has got a powerful appetite to match her growing belly and expandingwaistline. In this week's set, she chows down on a big plate of chimichangas with sour cream and salsa, stuffing one after another into her mouth, and chewing huge bites after dipping them in the sour cream. Asha is hungry, and you can hear the constant gurlglings and rumblings of her belly as she starts to feast. There are some really loud growls too as her stomach goes to work on all that spicy food. Her stomach growls and rumbles away in happy digestion, making almost constant noise. Her belly has gotten so huge, and her bellybutton has grown so big and cavernous that her mic wont stay in! But she still stands up and gives the camera some great POV angles of her massive, swollen belly and growing breasts. This is a don't miss set, you can really see the changes in her body. 90 pics & 10 minute mini movie

1/13/14 Watch evil fat villain Reenaye Starr defeat Ironman with the crushing power of her massive ass and 400 lbs of jiggly flab this week. Pow, her massive weight drops like a hammer on his face and chest. As he groans and gasps under her weight, she bounces hard on him to rob him of all his air, and pound him into submission. Poor Ironman puts up a good fight, but in the end he is overcome by the power or Reenaye's crushing weight as his face is smothered in her massive ass cheeks. Great video that lets you hear the groans of pain and gasping for air as he struggles to breathe during lots of facesitting, ass smothering, and butt and belly drops. You'll love Reenaye's energetic performance as she laughs her evil laugh while doing her worst with her punishing poundage. Behold the power of fat! 78 pics & 8.5 min video

1/6/14 We have a brand new model this week who just loves to be a naughty, messy fatty! Layla Moore just loves blowing big, sticky bubbles with gum. And she dosen't mind getting messy! She starts off working her gum over real well, smacking and popping loudly as she chomps away. Soon the bubbles start coming, singly at first, then bigger and bigger, and one right after another. She'll suck the gum back in noisily after she's made several huge bubbles, one inside another, often getting the sticky gum all over her face in the process. But that dosen't bother Layla, she just slurps the sticky mess off her face and lips with a long tongue and keeps bubbling! When her face gets covered in gum, she'll stop to pull the gooey mess off, then pop it right back in her mouth and start blowing again. She works her big wad of gum so rapidly with that long tongue that she can keep blowing huge bubbles one right after another, chewing noisily and stretching the gum as she gathers it off her face. Wether you're a bubblegum fanatic, oral fetishist, or WAM lover,messy, sticky Layla is sure to get your motor running! 100 pics & 24 mins of video

12/31/13 Malice is hungry, and loves double cheeseburgers, so she decides to see how much she can eat in this week's set. She starts in on the cheeseburgers, stuffing her mouth greedily, and chugging big gulps of soda right from the bottle. Lots of video, so you can follow her progress, and hear the satisfied growls and gurgles coming from her soft, blubbery belly as she fills it up. The more full she gets, the louder, longer, and more powerful those growls get too as her stomach goes to work on all that food. After 4 burgers and almost half of the 2 liter soda, she gets full, and starts rubbing her distended belly as she lays on the couch to move that heavy meal along. We've got lots of great POV shots of her soft, swollen, strechmarked belly and massive booty too in true SSBBWS Gone Wild style. 80 pics & 13.5 minute mini movie

12/25/13 While Santa's away, the elves will play, as Mrs Clause finds out when she gets a special xmas present from a particularly naught elf! See sexy pear Charlotte Russell and plumper Bobbi get into some hot girl on girl fun. See the girls make out, play with each other's soft rolls & bellies, and suck each others tits. Then, as they both start to get wet, Charlotte begins kissing and licking all over Bobbi's tummy and thighs, and finally plunges her tongue deep into her throbbing pussy. She brings Bobbi to the verge of orgasm, then brings out her vibrator and begins to massage Bobbi's swollen clit with the toy until Bobbi is crying out to make her cum. That's an xmas present Mrs. Clause won't soon forget! 95 pics & 18.5 mins of video

12/18/13 Snow has been a good little sub this week, and so Devilyn St James decides to let her have a reward... being smothered by her massive curves! Snow eagerly worships the mistress's huge, hanging belly apron, burying her face in it's soft, warm flesh. She wants even more, the mistress's weight pressing down on her, smothering her until she is surrounded by her beauty and essence. Great video where you can watch the smaller girl eagerly accept Devilyn's crushing weight on her body and face, as she is gently smothered beneath mountains of ass and belly. Finally her greatest reward is being smothered in the mistress's naked ass and pussy, til she is completely surrounded by her essence, and she is able to breathe only when Devilyn allows it. Fans of girl/girl submission & smothering will love this set. 90 pics & 9 min video

12/11/13 Abbie Amplebottom is back, and she's hungry. Watch her devour an entire cherry pie just loaded with whipped cream. This massive, jiggly babe is so hungry, she just starts to dig in with her fingers, shoving huge bits of pie into her mouth, licking the whipped cream and cherry juice off her lips and fingers greedily. You can also hear her stomach gurgling and growling happily as she stuffs her huge belly with calorie laden pie, and licks cream off her giant tits and plump nipples.The constant growls and rumbles will amaze you, as her stomach works busily on all that pie & cream. Makes you wonder if it's sending more fat to her bulging rolls & curves and huge tits! 80 pics & 11.5 min mini movie!

12/4/13 Blake Monarch is a maid who likes to be a naughty girl this week, as she poses and teases you on the stairs, showing off her hefty thighs, massive, jiggly belly, and expanding rolls & curves. There's tons of inviting, fat filled poses in this set, as this sexy fatty plays with her tits and pussy while you watch. But the best part is the video, where she invites you to watch her masturbate. She dosen't want to be too loud though, there's someone in the other room! Watch as she uses a vibrator to stroke her clit gently, then begins to thrust it deeper and deeper into her eager pussy. She finally begins to moan with pleasure, Her hips working to the rythm of the thrusting toy, and those meaty thighs squeezing the vibrator. The thought of getting caught makes it even hotter for her, and she finally cums hard. Oops, sure hope they didnt hear! 70 pics & 5.5 min video

11/27/13 Welcome new model, pear shaped beauty Charlotte Russell to the site in a great facesitting set. This spoiled princess finds her agent loafing about, instead of getting her auditions. What? Oh no, that just won't work, because it's all about her. She berates him, trapping him beneath her big, juicy jello ass and thunder thighs. She bounces on his chest and face, wiggling and grinding to emphasize her point as she gets even more dismayed with his behavior. Plenty of video so you can watch his face get crushed and smothered between her massive, jiggling thighs as she uses them to torment him and completely cut off his air. She bounces and wiggles just to make sure he's paying attention as she goes on talking, unmindful of his groans and gasps for air. When she dosen't want to hear him anymore, she traps his face between her meaty ass cheeks. To make a statement, she repeatedly slams her full 350 lbs down on his chest and face, ignoring his grunts of pain. After all, she's the star! 90 pics & 12.3 mins of video

11/20/13 Luscious Amazon has a lot of clothes in her closet that just aren't fitting right anymore. Did they shrink, or is she getting bigger? Of course she's getting bigger, you can see how much she's gained over the past few years, especially in her hips, belly and thighs. You get to watch her try on a bunch of cute outfits that used to fit her, now she has to wiggle and jiggle, jump and squirm to get them on, and they still wont go up over her massive, jiggling mounds of belly flesh, or fit her ever widening hips. A lot of her tops barely cover her belly anymore, and some of the outfits are so tight, that the fabric stretches and rips as she stuffs her massive rolls of fat into them! A hot set for fans of pears & weight gain! 89 pics & 12 minute mini movie

11/12/13 Lolla Blaze is back, and she decides to break in 'Iron Man' with her own brand of full weight facesitting and drops. He says he can take it, and it's definitely clobberin' time. Lolla does a punishing series of bone crushing butt drops on him, her 400+ lbs crashing down so hard her ass and thighs make a loud smack when she lands. Then she decides to do some facesitting, and butt drops to the face. Hear Ironman groan in pain and gasp for air as her gigantic ass crushes the breath out of him. His face is buried between her enormous ass cheeks, and she bounces and grinds that massive ass right on his face, wiggling and bouncing her crushing weight around to torment him. After having fun trying to squash the breath out of him, Lolla decides Ironman is quite comfy to rest on, and he gets to live to amuse her ass again someday. 83 pics & 14 minute mini movie

11/5/13 Welcome new model Abbie Amplebottom this week, whose massive rolls & curves and huge tits are sure to delight you. They sure delight plumper Bobbi, who loves playing with Abbie's massive belly and huge ass. This hot set has lots of fat play and making out, as the girls cuddle on the bed and undress each other. Bobbi is turned on by how big Abbie's soft belly and squishy rolls are, and soon pulls the bigger girl down on the bed on top of her, so she can play with her huge ass and eat her warm, wet pussy. She licks and fingers Abbie's clit, smacking her enormous ass until she gasps with pleasure and begins to cum hard. Abbie even sits on Bobbi's face so that the smaller girl is totally engulfed in her ass and pussy. This is one hot set! 100 pics & 21 mins of video

10/29/13 Asha Cherry is now more than 7 months pregnant, and we did this sexy, back to nature fall set so she could show off the changes in her body with her fans. She has put on weight all over, but notice how her belly and tits are looking especially round and full. This set features lots of POV shots and close ups, so you can see just how much her body is changing, from the exra fat on her thighs and hips, to the stretchmarks on her growing belly and tits. So much added cellulite too! 90 pics & 6 min video


10/22/13 Mindi Misfit wakes up hungry in this set, so she gets served a heaping plate of scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns, toast, sausage, and juice. She shows off her sexy bra & panties, and her soft, squishy belly and massive, cellulite covered booty, then dives into the food. You get to watch her stuff her face in some amazing shots and 16 mins of video. And for all you belly fans, we've recorded her stomach too as it begins to work on all that food. soft hugry growls give way to deeper rumbles and gurgles as her tummy fills up, and her stomach digests noisily. Some of these growls and groans are quieter, but still there's a lot of action going on in there. It's a veritable symphony of stomach sounds as this happy fatty enjoys her food. And you get the pleasure of watching this gorgeous 415 lb beauty enjoy a big meal. 69 pics & 16 minute mini movie

10/15/13 Devilyn St James has been out at the club, dancing and having a good time, but her feet are killing her. She needs a good foot slave to take care of her tired, sweaty, aching feet, and Terrance says he's the man for the job. He takes off her boots and socks, being sure to get a good whiff of them. Then he takes her hot, tired feet in his hands, and begins rubbing and massaging the soles gently but firmly. Then he decides her feet need a good tongue bath. He starts with the toes, licking and sucking each one, and then moves on to the soles, and even her heels. She relaxes and rests her feet right on his face. Good foot boy, that's where you belong, serving this voluptuous goddess. 80 pics & 8.5 min video

10/8/13 This week, Reenaye Starr trains 'Flatman' in some full weight floorsitting. She heard through the grapevine that he's been crushed flat by some massive asses lately, so she thinks he needs to build up his endurance. Watch as she coaches him and puts him through his paces. Hear him groan and grunt as she sits her full 400 lbs on his chest, neck, and face, bouncing and squirming to make sure the weight settles on hard. Flatman struggles to breath beneath Reenaye's crushing weight, but he dosen't tap out. Looks like there's hope for him yet. She steps up the training by dropping her heavy belly apron right on his face while he struggles to breathe, seeing how many drops he can take. Great chest sitting and floor squashing set. 64 pics & 11 minute mini movie.